I look forward to having your insights. To obtain a long period of freedom, you will know the traps that still await me and others.

The big thing about this group is:

  • Be Real. Putting on like you are superman doesn’t help you or us. I should know, I’ve made that mistake.

  • Be Understanding. There are a lot of different levels here. Some are 5 minutes from their last fall, some are 5 months.

  • Be Involved. Let’s be honest. You will get out of this group based on what you put into it. For example, typing a prayer for a brother in need will also distract you from your temptations and refocus you as you type.

  • Understand the ultimate purpose. It’s Freedom IN CHRIST. Just being free from P&M is not the goal. The goal is to be IN CHRIST. If you are growing in your relationship with Jesus, you will naturally be free. I do not mean to say that there aren’t good tools to help in the secular world (for example, internet filters are a must if you are serious about being free). I am just saying that if you focus only on not being involved in P&M, you will have a hole in your life that needs filled. If you focus on Jesus, he will fill your life so that stuff like P&M gets pushed out.

Anyway, good to have you, welcome to the group. How about giving us a quick testimony or introduction to yourself so we can know how to serve you better? You don’t have to, of course, but just a suggestion to get the ball rolling

Finally I got down on my knees and prayed: “Lord, I am sick of this! I am really repulsed by what I have become! The pride, the hypocrisy, the lustfulness, it is all repulsive to me. I willingly and whole-heartedly give this thing to you. I am done fighting you. Forgive me. Wash me. Cleanse me and make me new. Give me pure thoughts and a love for you that is greater than the weakness of my flesh.”