1. Are you willing to admit you are powerless over lust and self?

  2. Do you desire sobriety and freedom from the actions and obsessions of lust and self for the next 24 hours?

  3. Are you willing to do whatever is necessary to protect your sobriety for the next 24 hours, including: a) rigorous honesty b) praying to God c) calling on others d) forgiving all resentments e) refusing all hits as toxic f) reading literature g) going to meetings h) setting boundaries i) maintaining an attitude of gratitude.

  4. Do you realize that this renewal does not keep us sober – GOD DOES – however, it does help us to be aware of ourselves and to be accountable to others.

  5. Do you understand that this renewal is for this 24 hours, and that tomorrow you are free to go another way, make other choices?

  6. Are you willing now, to turn your will and your life over to the care of God, the one who kept you sober yesterday and protected you from the full consequences of your lust in the past?

  7. Have you done anything in the last 24 hours that you are ashamed of? Have you violated any boundaries? Have you done anything you are grateful for during the past 24 hours?

  8. Are you planning anything you would be ashamed of during the next 24 hours? Anything you would be grateful for in the next 24 hours?