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Damaged Goods

Have you ever heard a person referred to as “damaged goods”? Merriam Webster Dictionary Definition of damaged goods :a person considered to be flawed or spoiled in character, efficiency, or worth It’s a derogatory term usually used when giving a … Continued

We are not alone!

~ An original BeFreeinChrist writing ~ Webster’s Dictionary definition: temptation – noun temp·ta·tion \tem(p)-ˈtā-shən\ 1:  the act of tempting or the state of being tempted especially to evil:  enticement 2:  something tempting:  a cause or occasion of enticement When we … Continued


BeFreeinChrist is pleased to share the following message on lust by noted Christian therapist Dr. Dan Allender. Dr. Allender is the founder of the The Allender Center at the Seattle School. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Lust is a battle for us all. Christians … Continued

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