Although it is not a silver-bullet solution, filtered Internet service can help block sexual temptation before it enters your house.  Unlike filtering software that is installed on your PC, it may not require additional cost or maintenance, it cannot be hacked around, and it does not require a password.filter

REMEMBER, THIS ONLY TREATS THE SYMPTOMS.  The cure is a sustained and growing relationship with Christ – and daily building your faith

You will remember this warning if you don’t (also for Smartphone) – $9.95
True Vine Online: A Filtered Internet ISP
Blocks pornography at the server before it enters your home. While there is no technology that is 100% effective, they believe their filtering system is the most effective around. If you are in recovery, and being honest with yourself,  this should [help] keep you safely away from the majority of temptation on the Internet. When you sign up, be sure you also phone & let them know if you are struggling & need the maximum protection & security. They say they have the experience and sensitivity to be able to help. A Christian owned company.

ContentBarrier X
Pros: It has the same filtering capabilities as SafeEyes. I also find its keyword blocker better than that of SafeEyes. Something I just remembered is that it has a feature that is supposed to keep kids from predatory chat, though I haven’t checked it out myself. ContentBarrier also has a way to schedule time on the internet, and you can even limit the amount of time in a particular block of time, say 30 minutes from 9-11 AM. Use the same procedure as above to keep yourself from turning it off. This filter is strictly for Mac. Cons: The same kinds of weakness as SafeEyes, but for some reason they don’t overlap. If anything, ContentBarrier can be too protective. One major flaw is that it can be bypassed, though I won’t mention how. You have to be rather tech-savvy to get around it.

Open DNS (877) 811-2367 – FREE
Pros: Filters the router and in turn every device that is receiving internet through the router.  Easy to set up and update.  Allows the user to add websites that are not already blocked by filter.

Qustodio – It’s more important than ever that you have the right tools to help your kids develop healthy digital habits

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Mobicip Safe Browser With Parental Control

Covenant Eyes Internet Filter for iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch

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