“Good news! I’ve been FREE since November 15th. No more thoughts of how can I defeat my porn-free browser. No more fear of my accountability partner getting an email from my ISP. No more M. I’m FREE!

This is due to a large part of my involvement in a church small group called Cleansing Streams. It was a 12 week program with a 2-day retreat at the end. The 12 weeks of classes are not aimed at any particular sin. They are directed more at getting the student closer to God. Amen!

The freedom is AWESOME!

One of the ways I had been attempting to stop sinning were to just gut-it-up and stop. Trying to avoid fleshly media was impossible. I realized as I studied the Word in the Cleansing Streams workbook that God not only wanted to set me free but wanted to do it lovingly and permanently. No more gut-it-up, but instead resting and enjoying letting Him do the battle.

His guidance was not only freeing, but loving. His deliverance from the bondages of sexual impurity seems permanent and very lasting. One of the things He freed me from past images of soul-ties that I had formed. Previous memories of past relationships had to be severed (turned over to Him). As I took each soul-tie to Him, He severed in the spiritual realm the power of the bondage each soul-tie had on me.