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If you are the spouse or loved one of an addict, please review the links listed below for resources to assist you in coping.

  • 31 Day Purity Prayer Challenge31 days of considering what God’s Word says about sexual purity and 31 days of praying that God would help us fight sin and pursue holiness in this area.
  • Accountable2You – building character through accountability. Desiring a strong relationship between members, their accountability partner(s) and to God Almighty.
  • American Family Association – to inform, equip, and activate individuals to strengthen the moral foundations of American culture, and give aid to the church here and abroad in its task of fulfilling the Great Commission.
  • FREE Bible commentaries from the “classic” commentators of scripture such as… too many to list here.  It’s amazing!
  • Blazing GraceChrist-centered ministry for porn and sex addicts.
  • Covenant Eyes Blog – empowering you with knowledge and resources to change the way you use the internet.
  • – How to Deal with Your Sexual Addiction; pornography, cybersex, phone sex, masturbation, etc.
  • – A wonderful christian portal full of great resources.
  • Follow Jesus to Freedom – A small group of Christian men, grateful to our Lord Jesus for setting us free from habitual sin, hoping to help other men on their own journey to freedom through Christ.  (We highly recommend taking the 60-day Freedom Through Christ Course, engaging the enemy in this spiritual war for freedom from habitual, sexual immorality)
  • Focus on the Family – Focus on the Family has created that Web site as a practical resource for individuals who want to overcome the grip of online pornography and affairs.
  • Freedom Journey 1 – helping you walk in continued victory from addiction and become fruitful in your walk with God.
  • Freedom Journey 2 – helping you walk in continued victory from addiction and become fruitful in your walk with God.
  • God Over Porn – seeks to reach those in the Church bound by sexual sin and pornography addiction, fostering a community of men and women that expresses love, grace, and hope to one another through online group support, bible studies, and workshops.
  • Lifeintheriver – musings on life, love, the Lord (BLOG created by a brother of BefreeinChrist)
  • LifeStar – awesome Blog by Sexual Addiction experts.
  • Living For Jesus Alone – powerful biblical teachings that will revolutionize your daily walk with the Lord in an immense way.
  • Mastering Life Ministries – sensitively deals with issues of  emotional, relational and sexual sin and brokenness . . . of all kinds. 
  • Moral Revolution – a company of radicals helping to define healthy sexuality.
  • Promise Keepers – Promise Keepers is dedicated to igniting and uniting men to be passionate followers of Jesus Christ.
  • – A Christ-centered ministry providing hope and lasting healing to individuals struggling with sexual impurity through an intensive 12-week daily study and equipping organizations with training materials in forming and hosting small recovery groups.
  • Psychology for Living(Narramore Christian Foundation)(See esp. Disorders)
  • Pure Life Ministries – Pure Life Ministries exists to serve Christian individuals and organizations dealing with sexual sin throughout the world by providing biblically based counseling, teaching materials and a public speaking ministry with the goal of leading Christians to victory over sexual sin and a deeper life in God.
  • Pure Sex Radio – a weekly program tackling tough subjects like porn, lust, sexual brokenness, and practical principles for living every day in sexual integrity. Pure Sex Radio seeks to train men and educate women in the arena of sexual purity.
  • The Recovery Village – Columbus – offering a complete range of treatment options for adults struggling with addiction and co-occurring disorders.
  • Testament of Faith – Bible Videos to inspire and assist with Gospel witness, as well as resources to help attain freedom thru Jesus Christ. (Site created by a brother of BefreeinChrist)
  • True Men Ministries – This ministry intends to help men become True Men of God. Through Bible Studies, publications, retreats, and devotions, men can find out how their relationship with God can positively effect their role as husband, father, brother and son.
  • Whole – Person Counseling (Christian) – treatment for the whole person (spirit, soul, & body).
  • XXXchurch – online resource for pornography addiction help through awareness, prevention, and recovery.
  • Your Brain on Porn (FREE E-Book) – Learn the 5 ways porn warps your brain and Biblical ways to renew it.

For Spouses/Family of Male Addicts

  • Christian Wives of Addicts – CW of A offers spousal encouragement for the wife of the addict (any addict, yet our wives of porn/sex addicts forum is the fastest growing one).
  • New Life Partners – Christian online resource for women impacted by husbands or loved ones with pornography and/or sexual addiction.

Like water spilled on the ground, which cannot be recovered, so we must die. But that is not what God desires; rather, he devises ways so that a banished person does not remain banished from him. (2 Samuel 14:14)

“I have been crucified with Christ and I no longer live, but Christ lives in me.  The life I live in the body, I live by faith in the Son of God” (Galatians 2:20).

Additional(Substance Abuse) Resources

Addiction replacement, where a new addiction takes the place of another is not uncommon. With that thought in mind, Be Free in Christ offers the following resources as suggestions if you struggle with other addictions. CLICK HERE


Be Free in Christ Spiritual Resources

In our heartfelt desire to expediently offer you the most help available to recover from the effects of bondage to sexual sin and its accompanying baggage, Be Free in Christ offers the sites and materials on this links page for your potential edification and spiritual growth.

When we visited those sites, we found them helpful in some way.  Yet sometimes we will be unaware if material has been added later that disagrees with Biblical truths unless someone informs us.

Although we found the above sites to be helpful when we added them to our website, we in fact have no control over their content. All material mentioned may not conform totally to Biblical theology, but it is our hope that, if that be the case, you will glean the TRUTH by the influence of the Holy Spirit.

Our intent at FIC is to continue to “inspect” and “prune” these resources as we go forward to offer you the best and godly counsel available. Current staffing prohibited us from thoroughly examining these resources prior to opening this website. Please help us in this task by sending an email to either of the following men if you find a site or material which we have listed that you do not consider to be biblically accurate or erroneous in any other manner contact our Administrators by email.

Also, please feel free to suggest additional resources which you have found helpful.

We strongly recommend you pray before entering any web site or reading any materials offered and ask the Lord Jesus to reveal the TRUTH that will “set you free,” guarding your heart from any information that would not serve to assist in your personal recovery. What is spiritually enlightening to one man may not appear so to another.

Investigate the TOTAL FREEDOM that is yours in Jesus Christ.

We at FIC are not professional counselors and your use of the materials presented is solely at your own discretion.  Although we are not trained as such, Christ Jesus (according to Scripture) is the Wonderful Counselor and He is always faithful.

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