Q: How do you deal withQandA traveling (airports, malls, beaches, hotel rooms, TV)?

Does your wife travel with you? What boundaries do you have when

dealing with women?

A: I do not go to beaches-except in the off-season. I only go to malls

with my wife-and then only to run in for a quick purchase. Except on

rare occasions (when I stay in someone’s home), I do not travel alone.

Usually one of my assistants travel with me and we always stay in the

same room. I rarely watch television when I go to speak at some event because I must keep myself spiritually fresh. Sometimes when Kathy and I travel together we will watch a couple of programs on the History Channel. I rarely minister to women without my wife present, and never without another person present.

I don’t keep strict boundaries around myself because I am a lust-filled animal waiting for an opportunity to act out some kind of sexual experience. In that sense, I almost don’t even feel a need to be concerned. However, the enemy knows full well that for the past 20 years my life has been a testimony to what the power of God can do in the worst of sinners. I know from experience that the devil will take any opportunity to entice me into sin or even into a situation where I can be wrongly accused.


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