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Reasons to Listen to the Voice of the Lord

I wrote this several months ago at a time when I was struggling and under heavy temptations. It is a list of reasons to listen to the voice of the Lord Jesus and not to listen to the devil. Hope it helps some of you.

  • You created me; he did not.

  • You redeemed me with Your blood; he did not.

  • You set me free; he seeks to keep me in chains.

  • You are good; he is evil.

  • You are the creator that gives life; he is a beast that devours.

  • You are the truth; he is the father of lies.

  • You give life; he is a murderer from the beginning.

  • You have my best interest at heart; he has my worst.

  • You train me with wisdom and discipline; he always tells me to take the easy way out.

  • Your joy is deep and long-lasting; his is cheap, empty, and fleeting.

  • You cleanse me from sin and guilt; he entices me to sin and then makes me feel dirty, guilty and ashamed.

  • You declare me righteous; he accuses me.

  • You poured out Your life for me and others; he seeks only his own pleasure.

  • You put love of others in my heart; he puts love of self in my heart.

  • All that You do is motivated by love; all he does is motivated by hate and malice.

  • You are the light of the world; he is the prince of darkness.

  • You open Your word to me by Your Spirit; he twists it all around and makes it crooked.

  • You worshiped Your Father in all You did; he tells me that I am a god.

  • All Your paths lead to life and peace; all his lead to death.

  • You heal and make whole; he kills and afflicts.

  • You went about doing good; he goes about like a lion seeking whom he may devour.

  • Your people are well cared for; his are a pathetic band of slaves.

  • Your people are full of joy; the devil has no happy dirty old men.

  • Your people are full of praise and worship; his are all tormented souls.

  • He bruised Your heel; You crushed his head.

  • You are a winner; he is a loser.

  • You shall reign to the age of the ages; he will spend them in the lake of fire.

  • All things shall be put under Your feet; he is one of those things.

  • You do all things well; he causes chaos and confusion.

  • You order my life and run it well; he makes it a total mess.

  • You are a reconciler; he is a divider and a cause of strife.

  • You tell me to lose myself; he tells me to “find myself”.

  • You pour out Your agape love into my heart by Your Spirit; the only thing he pours into my heart is fiery torment.

  • You raise me up and seat me in heavenly places; he keeps my mind on earthly and sensual things.

  • You put heaven in my heart; he makes it a fiery hell.

  • You lead me back home to Father; he pulls me away and seeks to block my path home.

Brian A