What does the following list of things have in common in time of war or conflict?(Besides being some sort of weapon or defensive device)

Ancient Army

• Sword
• Belt
• Breast Plate (armor)
• Shield
• Helmet
• Sandals/Boots
• Chain of command
• On the Alert

Swat Team/Riot Police

• Rifle/Handgun
• Web Belt & accessories
• Bullet-proof vest
• Riot Shields
• Helmet
• Special boots
• Communication with leader
• On the Alert

Spiritual Armor

• Sword of Spirit – Scripture
• Belt of Truth
• Breastplate of Righteousness
• Shield of Faith
• Helmet of Salvation
• Feet – Gospel of Peace
• Prayer on all occasions
• On the Alert
• Ephesians 6:10-18

ANSWER  – A soldier or police officer will be equipped with these items


Are we doing the same thing spiritually?

Be prepared in advance!  Your enemy is!

There is a significant difference between merely reading text and taking the time to slowly “meditate.”

  • Mere reading is quick – it doesn’t soak into us
  • One aspect of meditation is taking the time to allow the verses to soak into us.

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