Psalm 04-04-06

In the silence of the morning there is peace.  My thoughts are like herding cats.

Hear your servant for he calls for you in the morning.  For in the night his eyes will be heavy.

I seek you in my prayers.  You cannot be found, my thoughts they deceive me.

You will keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on you.  Focus my mind lord, for my thoughts are like leaves blown on a autumn day.

Shepard my thoughts.  Train my mind to focus on you.

You are the Shepard, I am the sheep.  If I hear your voice, I will follow.

Lord I long your for direction, which way Father? You know the way, lead me and I will follow.

In You there is peace and security.  Here in my mind is strife and uncertainty.

You will steady my mind for you know what I need even before I ask.  Thank you Abba Father for loving me..

Written by Gill W.