• What a surprise – this problem thrives in secrecy

  • Have you…

    • Moved your computer to a public area in your house?

    • Rearranged your office/den so the monitor faces to the door?

    • Removed the door to your office/den (store the door somewhere else)?

    • Made the computer monitor in full view of others?

    • Remove the drapes from that room?

    • Do you make your internet history file available to others?

    • Have you installed Hackerwacker (buy it at a special price we receive no money for promoting this product)

      • This product can monitor your every keystroke, generate a report, and email the report to anyone you select.¬†¬† We do not receive any profit from Hacker Wacker but we do personally use the product and would highly recommend it to anyone.

 Imagine and invent ways to get out of the shadows


  • Christ paid the price – I don’t need to punish myself

  • Die daily to sin nature

  • Always treat God’s truths as new – like a child learning a new subject in school

  • Temptation is a call to find “satisfaction” where there is none


  • Let God be my comforter

  • The tyranny of lies against my identity (self-worth)

  • All I am belongs to the Lord, fingers, hands, arms, feet, legs, eyes,

  • – use all to the Glory of God

  • Temptation verses

  • God is and has been with us, always, everywhere

  • Brokenness before God

  • Make Jesus Christ more than my Savior – make him my Lord