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Who are we? / About Us

BE FREE IN CHRIST is a group for men who wish to become free from all sexual sin, pornography in particular. Members are in various stages of the healing process. It is a Christ-centered, interactive non-denominational group wherein the Bible is the absolute authority.

However, we of course recognize that Christian counseling is a means that the Lord may use in a person’s life for healing. Peer advisement is the method of growth and support most often utilized. Although we are not pastorally led, there are several clergymen from different Christian denominations within our ranks.

The major goal of this group is liberation from sexual sin through faith in Jesus Christ, while simultaneously developing a personal relationship with Him. Another important objective is to maintain a safe and protective support group where members’ privacy is carefully maintained and guarded.


was organized on March 13, 2000. The relatively small size of BFIC makes individual interaction, support, and accountability a highly productive feature of the organization.

If you are addicted, please seek help in becoming free from pornography through the help of Jesus Christ. Even if you find help with us, seek help from a local church, church recovery groups, counsellors, professionally, etc. This addiction thrives in secrecy and deception of those you love. Please come out of the secrecy and into the light.

Rescue those being led away to death; hold back those staggering toward slaughter. (Proverbs 24:11)

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