I have been thinking where a lot of my strength comes from. I believe all strength comes from God, but he definitely works through my wife to speak and give me strength. For some reason, one of the biggest reasons why I have chose not to look at p since I have joined in Sept. is that I do not want to disappoint my wife. I love her so much I just can’t imagine breaking her heart again.

She is definitely strong in her faith and seeing that makes me want to step up and be the spiritual leader in the home. I always thought with me dragging the sin that I was doing stopped me form being the man God called me to be, and it did. Since I have been clean form p I thank God so much, because it feels so good not to be weighed down by that sin daily. On the other hand I am terrified that I could fall anytime.

Again, I always think back the day I told my wife for the second time that I had failed her, and I think to myself, man I cannot turn back to p, it will completely destroy my life and marriage. Maybe this is the way God is giving me strength. Although I have fell to m a few times, each day I realize that all the sin we engage in is by our choice. That means we have the choice to be pure or not. Believe me, I know how hard it can be. Sometimes temptation and thoughts are so strong it seems easier to give in than to resist. That’s when we are completely taken by Satan’s lie.

I pray for us almost everyday, and know that by Gods grace he has not turned his back on us. Remember through Christ we are free, and the choices we make will affect our lives. Lets glorify the Lord through our purity and become the men of faith in which God put us here for. My heart goes out to all, God Bless and have a great holiday season. JESUS IS THE REASON FOR THE SEASON !