This is a daily checklist intended to help us keep our minds and hearts set on “things above”

Since, then, you have been raised with Christ, set your hearts on things above, where Christ is seated at the right hand of God. Set your minds on things above, not on earthly thingsColossians 3:1, NIV

First things first:

Have I done all the actions listed at the “quitting page

* Spent time meditating on scriptureSuggestions | Online Bible | Good verses

* Am I accountable to someone (click here to see what this means)

* Spent time in prayer today? (A relationship with God)

* Have I read at least 1/2 of Psalm 119 in the last 2 days?

* Am I taking a daily inventory of my stress (or stress can overtake me)

* Am I talking with my family about what’s going on in my life?

* Am I sharing with my brothers in FIC what I’m going through?

* Am I telling someone of my Temptations? (here are some verses)

* Am I preparing in advance for future temptations?

* Am I ACTIVELY RESISTING my temptations? Click for more

* Am I removing the sources of my temptations?

* Many who suffer from this need healing in the following areas: .

Discovering a new identity in Christ, breaking of generational curses (sins), the healing of emotions, and the grace of God to overcome, a long term reconditioning of the mind and heart. This will not be learned in one night, or in one week – it takes time.

* Have I moved my computer to a public area in my house (out of the darkness and into the light.)

* Am I making provisions for the Spirit (click here for suggestions)

* Have I written my accountability partner (at least every other day)?

* Am I going to church (At least once a week)

* Am I attempting to bypass my internet filter?

* Am I attempting to delude myself to allow some “reduced” form of sin

* Am I actively pursuing renewing my mind and thought patterns?

* Am I attempting to do this alone (you need the help of God and others)

* Am I reviewing Biblical principles that will help me fight this?

* Am I reviewing the DAILY REMINDERS

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