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It has come to our attention that your profile does not reflect the Christian hope that Jesus Christ is Lord, and that only He can heal those who are broken in any manner. As you should know, this is a group for Christian males who are particularly in need of sexual healing.

Please advise me as to what you would like me to do: shall I unsubscribe you from the group, or do you wish to repent and get serious about who Christ is? If I do not hear from you by December 1, I will unsubscribe you. Be aware that you can always resubscribe, but a change of heart must be evident.

We are willing to keep you as a brother in Him, but your profile makes a mockery of His love, His forgiveness, and His healing.

In His never-ending love,

Tony(Owner/Moderator: Free in Christ)

“… greater is He who is in you than he who is in the world” (1 John: 4-4).


(Response to the above email. Printed with writer’s permission)


The timing of your letter was impeccable. I feel as lately, the Holy Spirit is warning me of another crossroads in my life. That profile was from my surfing on YAHOO, which I no longer do, and I haven’t in some time. Ashamedly, after going back and reading it, I must tell you that I am that man. But, please go back and see where I am NOW… are right….I AM AN INSULT TO GOD’S GRACE AND MERCY!

For YEARS, I have ‘tried’ and tried to repent and call on GOD to forgive me. Church, Bible Study, cell groups, myriads of counselors, sex-addicts courses…

Then… “a dog to his vomit.”

Back and forth, back and forth… 30 years..

I gave up..gave in.


I still want to “be” saved. I ‘know’ so much. I have studied for YEARS. I was a member of AACC, with an BA in Christian Counseling. But, you are an Educator… you KNOW the difference between ‘giving advice vs. following it, yourself’. As Phil ( from this group) told me years ago, while he was ministering to me..” Brad, you know an awful lot ABOUT Jesus…start getting to really ‘KNOW’ HIM”!

I just can’t seem to get over the hump of faith in “HIS” work for our sins, vs. our sinfulness, I think. I never imagined my Catholic upbringing would affect me now, but I think it has.

I am SO sinfully, selfishly addicted, I can’t IMAGINE Anyone putting up with it! It is trampling on the Cross of Christ, to me! Ye, I keep ‘trying’ to stop,.. attempt to pray, asking for a spirit of forgiveness and repentance, and salvation. But, without Faith (a gift), it is impossible to please GOD! Is seems like a CATCH 22, for me, now! In this, I SEE My Arrogance. I am SO lifted up!

I have also been on so many meds these many years, but there’s really not much excusing there. A lot of drug and sex use in the 70’s. (PCP OD’s)

Now,I think I am really starting to believe that we are born with the opportunity to hear about, respond, and know Christ. But, if we don’t, or “can’t”, ‘Believe’ in His 100% sufficiency (for our sealed acceptance), and FOLLOW, then …maybe GOD just leaves Us to our wickedness…

But, in either regard , at this juncture in my life…. THANK YOU, for this timely intervention… The changes had already begun. I have NOT looked a PORN since I don’t know when, I monitor my messages the group, as well as study materials on pride, repentance, addiction, as well as other group studies (i.e. Mark Laaser, Steve Gallagher, Jonathon Daugherty,etc.)

But, I totally understand your need to purge the group. And you may, in my case, if so.

I still Seek Him