recoveryA number of men in our group have written about their journey to freedom from addiction in developing a relationship with God through Jesus Christ. The stories are real, and sometimes the consequences are tough.

  • Chris P finding freedom, closer to his family.

  • David beginning to understand the life God wants him to have.

  • Bryan has a word of encouragement for others on this journey.

  • Keith W prayers answered.

  • Noval He took my guilt and cleansed my shame.

  • Ralph receives an Ebenezer stone.

  • Chris H speaks of the impact on his marriage.

  • Scott running away from God, running with God.

  • Gil received a second chance.

  • Bryan B. found freedom from the isolating nature of addiction.

  • John H has a brief paragraph on new freedom.

  • Bill found a new love for God and a freedom over addictive sin.

  • Robert is seeking surrender to God and to have a life free from addiction.

  • Van has a first-hand account of destructive consequences of addiction.

  • Response to Van from Brian found strength through Van’s account.

  • AArakel “no longer a homosexual”.

  • Phil “a long way off”.

  • Emily the wife of an addict.

  • Rocco lost his desire for addictive sin.

  • JB “Reaching the Height of Manhood”.

  • Roger investigated by the FBI, given a second chance.

  • Scott finally finds the beginnings of hope.

  • Timothy found freedom, chains of addiction shattered.

  • Earle describes the pain and selfishness of this addiction.

Good story

The Prince and the Dragon, adopted from: Reinicke, Melinda, “Parables for Personal Growth” (San Diego, CA: Recovery Publications, Inc., 1983), pp 5-9, as quoted in Pure Desire by Ted Roberts.

Good Books to Read

Read the book Every Man’s Battle, you’ll be glad you did

Also, the book The Bondage Breaker by Neil Anderson is very powerful.

“If you abide in My word, you are My disciples indeed. And you shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free” (John 8:31-32)